Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Assistance
Your business is unique as should be your SEM campaigns

Whether advertising using Bing, Google Ads Search Network / Display Network, or combination thereof; Advertising Solutions will help develop a Search Engine Marketing campaign that is tailored to your business, and can grow and change as your business needs evolve.

Whether looking to use Google Ads or Bing, there are a number of steps in any SEM campaign:


Target Market & Keyword Research

The most important step for any SEM campaign to be successful is target market and keyword research to determine the best potential keywords for your industry and business needs.

  • The first step in our SEM campaign process will be to complete a detailed analysis of your target market.
  • During this analysis of your target market, we'll discuss keywords familiar to your business and customers.
  • From there, we will continue our keyword analysis research for additional potential keywords and phrases.

Using each associated search engine's Keyword Analysis Tools, we will provide statistics on keywords, their associated potential search traffic, popularity, ranking, and potential cost. These numbers will be used in developed a detailed report in step two.

Detailed Cost Analysis Report

Using the information attained in step one's SEM target and keyword research, we will draft a detailed cost analysis report. This report will provide your business with a detailed road map that will clearly outline and identify the following:

  • Best keywords or phrases to target,
  • Best dollar value to bid per keyword or phrase,
  • Whether to utilize PPC (pay-per-click), CPI (cost per impression), or a combination thereof,
  • Whether to utilize search or display networks, or a combination thereof,
  • Potential monthly costs, along with a recommended path and search engine budget mix.

This report will offer a clear outline of time (whether implementing through Advertising Solutions or in-house) to implement the SEM campaign. As well, we will include any suggested on-going weekly management and analyzation time to make sure the campaign stays on track and is performing as expected.

Most analysis reports will also include:

  • a LPO (Landing Page Optimization) analysis on any current landing pages and what can be improved to increase conversion rates.

Campaign Implementation

Once we have the detailed analysis and outline from step two, implementing the SEM campaign is a relatively straight forward process, and simply entails following the agreed upon analysis of keywords to market, and their associated bidding price, staying within the allotted budget, and timeline.

Depending on the campaign and overall strategy analysis from step 2, implementation may first begin with developing and designing landing pages for the ad campaign(s). If there are existing landing pages, we may perform LPO (Landing Page Optimization) to ensure maximum conversion of any traffic to these landing pages.

While SEM is a great tool to bring in targeted, ready to buy visitors, if ads direct visitors to landing pages that are not optimized for the campaign and the target market, then the advertising campaign is likely wasting funds.

A properly implemented SEM campaign will not only bring in traffic, but go so far as to make sure the landing page converts the visitors to sales, leads, or whatever the end-goal of the campaign is.

While implementation is rather straight forward, keyword statistics are always changing. Maintaining an ongoing analysis of the campaign is important to make sure you are getting the best return on investment possible.

On-Going Analysis Review

Making sure that a Search Engine Marketing campaign is progressing as planned is an essential part of the success of any SEM campaign. Search engines are always gathering new data about constantly changing keyword search trends.

In order to stay on top of these trends, and make sure that your SEM campaign is performing to the best of its ability takes some regularly dedicated time to review and analyze performance reports:

  • How is the campaign progressing?
  • What kind of click-thru rates are being experienced?
  • What kind of placement (ranking) are ads within the campaign experiencing?
  • What can be done to improve the ranking of ads within the campaign?

These among other questions should be reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis to make sure the business is not wasting money on irrelevant keywords, and getting the most for their advertising dollars.

Full-Service Web & Marketing Management
Full-Service Web & Marketing Management

Complete, Full-Service Web & Marketing Management Packages - We take care of ALL your online & offline advertising needs for an affordable monthly investment, so you don't have to.

Most Popular Full Service Web & Marketing Packages
Most Popular Full Service Web & Marketing Packages

Most Popular Full-Service Web & Marketing Management Packages
We take care of ALL your online & offline advertising needs for an affordable monthly investment, so you don't have to.

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