Website Redesign Assistance
We Manage Redesign & Migration From Start To Finish

Redesigning, migrating and deploying updates to a website can be a complex task. Advertising Solutions has experience in migrating and deploying website redesigns and will manage tasks from idea conception to application deployment. Whether your redesign needs include:

  • a basic informational website,
  • a website you can manage yourself,
  • a sophisticated ecommerce shopping cart website,
  • a custom point-of-sale application,
  • or some other completely custom website application.

Step-By-Step Responsive Website & Application Redevelopment
Advertising Solutions Provides Assistance From Redesign Concept To Web Migration Deployment

Advertising Solutions has the tools in place to facilitate a smooth deployment of your redesigned website application. Each website redesign project begins with a consultation to determine your needs and a competitive analysis. A proposed solution and strategy is then developed, approved and implemented. Advertising Solutions manages the website redesign each step of the way:

  1. Consult & Determine Needs
  2. Propose Solution & Project Timeline
  3. Receive Client Agreement on Proposal
  4. Implement Project Proposal
  5. Project Debriefing & Deployment

New Responsive Website & Application Development

Consult & Determine Needs

Every business and industry has different needs when it comes to website development. For this reason, we approach each web application development project as a completely unique opportunity with distinctive needs. We take the time to discuss your business goals and what you expect to receive from your business website. When determining your needs, we evaluate:

  • company & employee technological abilities,
  • online functional requirements,
  • customer base & capacities,
  • competitive standing & online funtionality,
  • among other factors pertaining to your specific requirements.

Once we have consulted with you and determined your website application needs and requirements, we take this information and develop a custom tailored proposal.

Propose Solution & Project Timeline

Once we have detemined your company's website needs, we formulate a proposal to meet those needs with associated milestones. During the proposal process, stategies are developed to take a website project from concept to building to deploying to marketing and on-going maintenence. Each proposal includes unique steps and timeline of events based upon that company's needs.

Each website project has unique needs and requirements, yet each shares common components needed to run. When planning for your project, we balance security and cost. We save our clients hundreds of hours in web programming by packing common functions into secure and hacker-tested base engines. These base engines are used in the development process and customized and tailored to meet each respective client's website requirements.

Advertising Solutions provides many "base systems" from which to begin your custom website development project. Depending upon the business and its individual needs, the website application best suited for your business will vary or require a combination of the following:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) - CMS's are a website application that will allow you as the owner of the website to make regular updates and edits to the website content without having to know any programming. If you can point, click, copy, paste and save, then you can manage your website.
    • CMS websites are good for companies who simply want to give basic information about the company, products and services, as well as collect potential customer leads using basic online forms.
    • CMS's do not come pre-built with ecommerce or other dynamic services such as online scheduling. However, all Advertising Solutions CMS website applications are open-source and can be modified without restriction to include e-commerce, online transactions, scheduling as well as any other scalable future needs that may come along.
  • eCommerce Website Application - eCommerce website applications and shopping carts allow businesses of varying industries to sell products or services online.
    • Advertising Solutions offers several base systems with ecommerce depending each company's needs. Each ecommerce application can be completely customized to individual specifications.
    • Because Advertising Solutions's ecommerce website applications are based on open-source technology, there is no restriction to how your application can be modified or scaled to fit your needs.
  • Point-of-Sale Application - Advertising Solutions's point-of-sale applications are web-based and can be modified to fit any business need. Utilizing a web-based point-of-sale system offers many benefits over the traditional terminal-based point-of-sale.
    • With a web-based point-of-sale, any computer with an internet connection is a terminal and doesn't require a separate license. Traditional systems require businesses to purchase additional licenses for each station accessing the in-store point-of-sale system.
    • With a web-based point-of-sale, your online store and your in-store point-of-sale are one system sharing the same inventory. With traditional systems, special modules must be installed to hook up the in-store point-of-sale with any online store creating an additional layer of difficulty when it comes to syncronizing inventory levels and orders.
    • The Advertising Solutions point-of-sale systems are open-source and can be modified as necessary to meet your individual company needs and requirements. With a Advertising Solutions system, there is no restriction to how your business website and point-of-sale system grow and change.

Advertising Solution's base website application systems that do not require any custom modifications are ready to go live usually within 24 hours of ordering. These website applications can be hosted on any Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server with Advertising Solutions, or any website host with Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Advertising Solutions website applications are fully scalable, customizable and can have literally any website look or skin integrated for a one-of-a-kind website design. Custom corporate branding and design can be accomplished by Advertising Solutions, any 3rd party person, or firm familiar with web design and PHP programming.

Receive Client Agreement on Proposal

Once we have developed your custom website application proposal, we review each section with you for thorough understanding. We will explain the development process and the changes that we will be making to your custom website application. Once we both have a clear understanding of the requirements and milestones of your proposal, and we come to an agreement, we sign and book your project start date.

Implement Project Proposal

Upon your website development start date, we'll begin implementing the proposed strategy. Throughout the development process, we will keep you posted and appraised of progress and the proposed project timeline. The implementation process entails making necessary modifications to the website application base engine and programming the custom features needed for your individual project.

Once your programming modifications and customizations are completed, debugged, and tested, you will be requested to review, test and debug the website application. Once you have reviewed and tested your new website application, it is time for the project debriefing and deployment.

Project Debriefing & Deployment

Once your website application has been developed to fit your needs, we complete a debriefing and walkthrough of the website application. The walkthrough entails covering all aspects of the website modifications and functionality. The purpose is to make sure you understand how to manage your website application and functions as well as answer any questions you may have.

The debriefing may also include discussing avenues for promoting and managing your website applicaiton on an on-going basis. As well, we may recommended future enhancements or marketing opportunities that may help increase website revenues and visibility. Many topics for debriefing will be found in our online newsletter for getting the most from your website investment.

Once you feel confident that your website application is ready to go live, we deploy and take it live on our hosting or dedicated server systems, or if hosting elsewhere, package and deliver to you for deployment.

Full-Service Web & Marketing Management
Full-Service Web & Marketing Management

Complete, Full-Service Web & Marketing Management Packages - We take care of ALL your online & offline advertising needs for an affordable monthly investment, so you don't have to.

Managed CMS & Hosting Packages
Managed CMS & Hosting Packages

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