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Advertising Solutions Creates Completely Tailored Web-Based Business Applications For Any Industry

There are a multitude of ways to use today's technologies to develop custom, web-based business applications to manage and make your day-to-day business activities easier, faster and more cost-effective. Because website applications are fluid unlike most boxed software solutions, modifying to fit your business needs is easy.

What is a Web-Based Application?

Web-based (or website) applications are equivalent to software programs that run on your computer at the home or office. However, instead of just being able to access the program from the one computer, you can access it from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Website applications range from simple websites you can manage yourself without programming (CMS) to large e-commerce enabled website applications such as those you see with banks that allow for secure online monetary exchange and records management.

Why Advertising Solutions?

Advertising Solutions is an industry leader in developing quality, custom web-based applications. Whether your need is to develop a custom database interface, integrate video, manage memberships or allow for online e-commerce, Advertising Solutions can make it happen.

Advertising Solutions has been developing custom solutions since 1999 with experience dating back to 1996. Regardless of your industry, Advertising Solutions can help find a solution to make your business more profitable with a web-based application. Our Case Studies contain many examples of custom web apps.

Unlimited Growth & Customization Potential

The following are just some of the possibilities when developing custom business website applications:

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Website content editable via web interface
  • No programming knowledge required
  • No special software

Save thousands of dollars by building from and customizing one of Advertising Solutions's CMS base systems.

e-Commerce & Shopping Cart Development

  • Online shopping cart development
  • Online e-commerce payment solutions
  • Online product availability & inventory management
  • Order & payment management
  • Merchant credit card processing integration

Save thousands of dollars by building from and customizing one of Advertising Solutions's ecommercewebsite application base systems.

Customer Records Management (eCRM)

  • Storage of customer records via web interface
  • Update & manage customer records via web interface

Save thousands of dollars by building from and customizing one of Advertising Solutions's User CMS.

Intranets & Extranets

  • Access company information securely from a remote location using only a web browser
  • Allow employees access to sales and client data remotely from the field
  • Give customers access to customer records, update data, request assistance and more
  • Ability to restrict access and privileges based on user type
Database Development
  • Storage & archival of data or files via web interface
  • Access & management of information or records via web interface
User Interface
  • Membership & user privileges
  • User accessible or restricted areas

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