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Zip995 is the fast, free way to open and create popular Zip Archive format files. It is fully compatible with other Zip Archive utilities. It includes advanced archiving features such as encryption, variable compression levels, file updating and the ability to create self-extracting zip files.

Zip995 provides options for:

  • Opening a new archive or an existing archive
  • Adding files to an open archive
  • Extracting an entire archive
  • Comparing the contents of 2 files or folders
  • Selecting and deselecting files in an open archive
  • Updating the files in an archive
  • Extracting and viewing files in an archive
  • Encryption
  • Unzip preferences
  • Compression levels
  • Archive repair
  • Path options
  • Creation of self-extracting archives

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Zip995 - Free Archive & Compression Software

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