Affordable FTP Software (File Transfer Program) for the Mac

Provided by Panic Inc.

Transmit file transfer software for Mac takes ftp to the next level.


  • iDisk / WebDAV
    Get files on your iDisk, faster than the Finder!
    More secure choices made Mac simple
  • Edit in Whatever
    Edit any remote file, in any app - even graphics!
  • Droplets
    Create drag-and-droplets from your favorites
  • Synchronization
    Run tests, save reports, and have more control
  • Get Info
    More options for your files and folders
  • Dashboard Widget
    Upload faster than ever. See it in action!
  • Automator Actions
    Easily add FTP steps to your workflow!
  • .Mac Sync
    Automatically sync favorites with all your Macs
  • Spotlight Favorites
    Connect to favorites in seconds, anywhere
  • Column View
    At last: browse the way Mac OS X intended
  • Tabs
    Many connections, one window.
  • Sidebar
    Jump to your folders, per-favorite, instantly
  • Supercharged Favorites
    Safari-like and very expandable
  • Search
    Narrow a long list of items in a flash
  • Previews with Zooming
    Smoothly zoom that mystery thumbnail
  • Batch Downloading
    Drag in many files and say "go"!
  • Auto-Permissions
    Set permissions on upload, automatically
  • Dock Status
    Transfer status at a glance, always
  • Spring-Loaded Folders
    Move files in record time
  • DockSend
    Upload as easily as dragging to the dock
  • Server-to-Server Transfers
    Use your Mac to shuttle; even go tab-to-tab!
  • 100% Mac OS X-like
    Drag to send, enter to rename: you know it already
  • Proven and Solid Engine
    The result of eight years of FTP experience

Much, Much More . . .
Faster transfers, Safari-like queue, improved AppleScript, linked folder navigation... one mega app!


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Transmit - FTP Software (File Transfer Program) for the Mac

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