Web & Marketing Assistance For Small & Medium Businesses
Monthly Managed Web Updates & Marketing Services Starting at $39/Month
Month-to-Month NO COMMITMENT!

Providing regular website updates (adding Tips, Newsletters, Industry News, Specials, Help/Resources & More) and marketing services will help your business grow, get better ranking in search engines, and generate more profits for the company.

Advertising Solutions understands that keeping a website updated and continuously marketing on a monthly basis can be time-consuming, and difficult for many small to medium sized businesses of nearly any industry. However, while time consuming, these services are essential to a successful business.

This is why we offer our Monthly Managed Website Updates & Marketing Services packages for customers that need assistance in keeping their website updated and continuously marketing their business at an affordable price.

Each package includes accruing time for website updates and marketing services each month. These packages allow for regular service regardless of where the website is hosted, nor where the business is located. These packages do not require the use of a CMS, nor do they require that a website be hosted with Advertising Solutions. Time can be applied to any current website setup or solution for regular updates.

Monthly Website Updates Starting at $39 / Month - No Commitment!

Ways To Use Monthly Updates

Update Website Products & Services

Your monthly website update time can be utilized to keep your products and services updated on your website. Professionally managed website updates help keep a site looking legitimate and trustworthy. By making sure your website updates are professionally managed to maintain a consistent look and layout, consumers will be more inclined to purchase your company's services and products as your site will look more legitimate versus those sites that are obviously amateur or use cheap website template systems.

Social Media Updates & Other Advertising

You can use your monthly website update time for daily or semi-weekly social media posts, tweets, and professionally managed profile management. By making use social medias like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIN, you can make sure to take full advantage of social media's Word-of-Mouth advertising opportunities and viral marketing potential. This time can also be used for other advertising related services both digital and traditional advertising.

Customer Service, News & Help/Resouces Sections

Using monthly update time is an excellent strategy for developing Customer Service, Newsletter & Industry News, as well as Help & Resource sections of your website. Customer service, news, and help & resource sections are an excellent way to constantly keep your website content fresh and update-to-date, which is a major factor in maintaining top search ranking and organic/natural search engine optimization.

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