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Provided by VLD Interactive helps to create professional privacy policies with their user friendly tools. Privacy policy agreements are tailored specifically for each website, business and related requirements.

All websites should have a privacy policy. If a websites uses third party services for serving ads such as Google Adsense or processing payments, then it's pretty much required to have a Privacy Policy. Failure to have an accurate privacy policy can expose a business to liability in many different ways.

A privacy policy is a document that discloses to website visitors about what is done with information gathered from them, how information is gathered, and how the information will be stored and managed.

Each privacy policy statement needs to be specific to the website or business. Only a seasoned employee, or the owner, can say whether the privacy policy accurately describes the use of personal information collected from the website users. VLD Interactive offers a user friendly online privacy policy generator that can help to create a free privacy policy specifically tailored for each business website, and how the business operates.


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